Vacuum Collection

Where can you find what’s arguably the world’s largest collection of vacuum cleaning devices of all kinds? In the Don Aslett Museum of Clean in Pocatello, of course! The fascinating history of vacuum cleaners is revealed through the museum’s displays of more kinds of vacuum cleaning equipment that the average person could ever imagine.

Who knew that inventors, designers, tinkerers, and manufacturers would use all their energy to answer the burning question of average housewives and commercial building owners all over the Western world; How can I get dirt our of my carpets?

With the advent of the wide use of carpeting, the quest for convenient and efficient vacuum suction began.

In 2006, Don Aslett purchased a private collection of several hundred antique vacuums from Peter Frei. It included a remarkable variety of pre-electric vacuum devices, working models, original patents, brochures and other mechanical oddities.

The Daniel Hess Carpet Sweeper from 1860 is the world’s first vacuum cleaner! We have the only one in existence.

In our collection is the world’s first motorpowered vacuum, from 1902, used in Great Britain. This horse drawn central vacuum would park outside large buildings while a gas powered exterior engine was used to create the suction necessary to clean the interior of the building via a long hose. Visitors will see 100’s of carpet sweepers of all kinds! Some are similar in design to those we use today, while some work with bellows, cranks, plungers, or wheels.

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