The VisionSharing the Value of Clean with the World

The ultimate mission and vision of the Museum of Clean is to sell the idea and value of clean, to put clean into the minds of all who visit. We want to expand the scope of clean into areas like clean homes, clean minds, clean language, clean community, and a clean world.

Don Aslett, Founder of the Museum of Clean
Don has authored 40 books and completed more than 6000 seminars, workshops, and T.V. filmings nationally and internationally. All of these relate to organization and the dimension of clean. Don Aslett, FOUNDER

Museum of Clean MissionExpand the presence, awareness, and value of clean

National and local visitors arrive and walk into an awesome 74,000 square foot (one city block) complex of excitement, education and inspiration for the whole family. 

Our museum presents many dimensions of clean through art, displays, exhibits, print, and participation. So come prepared to explore and learn in this vast Museum OF Clean.



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What to expect with your tripTo the Museum of Clean

  • Step 1: Planning and Timing

    Allow a minimum of 45-60 minutes for a tour, and then additional time for on your own interactive displays. Give yourself time for plenty of photographs, and also allow extra time for self exploration. Mornings are good! Lots of walking, and we are ADA compliant. Great local food and plenty of free, easy parking for all vehicle sizes.

  • Step 2: Experience Hands On

    Numerous hands-on displays. No guards—honor system. Multiple places to sit or rest. Plenty of easy, free parking. No crowds—a relaxing tour that is humorous and educational. Unique gifts are available in the Museum Gift Shop. Frequent personal tours are available with Don Aslett.

  • Step 3: Out of the Ordinary

    While most museums have a single subject focus, this one is far beyond that. Clean dominates the value of everything that affects life—like clean air, clean water, clean language, clean beds, floors, politics, jokes, arteries, teeth… and how about clean art?



Vacuum Collection

Explore our one of a kind collection of vacuum cleaning equipment including many antique items from Peter Frei. The Daniel Hess Carpet Sweeper from the 1860s is the world's first vacuum cleaner.

Gift Shop

All Things Clean Gift Shop is located off the large entryway to the museum. The entrance is a giant washboard, so enter and find custom, high-quality gifts from local and national vendors.

Art Gallery

This art gallery is uniquely devoted to artistic endeavors related to the theme of clean. Some of our 200 pieces are more than 2,000 years old.

MUSEUM OF CLEAN GoalNew Excitement.
Incentive to be Clean.

Walk into an awesome 74,000 sq. ft complex of excitement, education and inspiration for the whole family. While most museums have a single subject focus this one is far, far from that —clean dominates the value of everything that affects life. Our museum goal is to touch as many dimensions as we can—in display, art items, slate, and participation. So come prepared to do and get more than just see... remembering this is not a cleaning museum, it is a museum of clean.


The Impact of Clean at theMuseum of Clean.


Historic Vacuums

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